Butterfly valve is a type of quarter turn valve. Basically, it is used with a view to tu to regulate the flow of liquid. Because the name suggests, it looks like a thin metal disc. The mechanism used in this system allows you to prohibit or allow the flow of a liquid in pipes. Let’s find out more.

Technically, this system contains a rotating disc that directs the circulation of liquid in a specific system. Main Lee, the disc might be rotated 90 degrees, which is why it is known as 1 / 4 turn valve. The beauty of these units is that they are quite inexpensive and straightforward to operate.

For throttling functions, we recommend that you simply go for an trade customary unit. These products are designed for various types of industries. Typically, these valves can process large capacities. Yow will discover these units in piping systems that deliver a lot of liquid. Since these units are quite fragile, they cannot be used to regulate thick liquids.

Main elements work collectively to make these units work, similar to a cylinder, piston, electric motor and a penumatic actuator. The great news is that these units are quite inexpensive and easy to handle. As a matter of truth, these are quite affordable compared to other types of valves.


Given below is the description of a few of the main advantage of those products:

Simple and quick operation

Lower maintenance

Low pressure loss

Easy to install

Compact and lightweight

What are Butterfly Valves used for?

Their products are quite commonly used throughout numerous industries. A few of them are listed below:

Sprinkler systems sprinkler systems


Wastewater remedy

Petroleum industries


Roze processing

Agricultural needs

Air conditioning systems

High temperature areas

Vacuum service


So far as choosing up butterfly valve is worried, you should consider loads of classification is of these units. Based on the application, supplies of disc body and seat are different.

Regulating Fluid Circulate

As far as fluid regulation is concerned, all it is advisable to do days turn the valve handle. The unit uses actuators to be able to regulate the flow of liquid. What happenes is that the flow monitor detects that a pre-adjusted parameter of pressure has been reached. Set this point, it sends a signal to the valve actuator so that it can open or close the valve.

For distant regulation of the valve, make positive that the controller is related to the valve mechanism.

Movement Isolation

Generally, butterfly valves are utilized in low temperature and low pressure applications. Since they’re simple to govern, they can be a great choice for floor isolation.

Backflow Prevention

In the meals business, intensive washdown processes are used. Subsequently, there is a need for backflow prevention. This is the reason butterfly valves are used within the systems.

Long story quick, this was an introduction to butterfly valves, their application in numerous industries, and the benefits they provide over different alternatives.

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